I’ve been creating my entire life whether it was drawing, making music or writing. I grew up in Tupelo, Mississippi and from an early age gravitated toward the movie Star Wars, but more so the music of John Williams and the art of Ralph McQuarrie.  I owned the original Star Wars LP along with 8-tracks (yeah it was the 70s) to Superman, Star Wars, and Jaws, and listened to these as I created robots, monsters and vehicles of my own on paper.  The music of John Williams lead to my love of classical music and wanting to become a composer.  I once had my Mom leave the radio on after arriving home from school so I could find out the name and composer of a piece on Public Radio – turned out it was Johann Sebastian Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor.  Once in High School (now a follower of Danny Elfman) I composed and conducted for my school’s symphonic band as well as for ensembles for Saxophone, Trombone and mallet percussion while performing as a bassoonist, saxophonist, and drummer.  I won statewide contests in composition and writing but attended a local junior college (Itawamba Community College) majoring in art.  While there I joined a Jazz Band named Green Eggs & Spam performing piano and saxophone while composing some original pieces. While I loved art, and still do, I couldn’t stop composing and after two years switched to The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) majoring in music and studying composition under Raymond Liebau. My diverse interests also led me to make some movies including a couple of Star Wars fan films – one being a computer-animated short. I moved and lived over 10 years in Pennsylvania where I continued to write music, paint and perform in bands as diverse as a rock band and jam band called Dirty Haze and as an open mic night band with my brother called The Dirty Murphs.  I’ve also written for Film Score Monthly magazine and website in my spare time and hope to do more writing in the future. Along with classical works, I also write songs and fun electronic pieces, releasing an album (Left Over Pieces) in 2012.  In 2011 I had also released a book of some of my art called Through My Eyes.  Since then I’ve continued to compose and paint as well as start a podcast in 2015 called FilmEar where I interview people and talk about the movies, music and film music I love.  Recently I’ve moved back to Mississippi where I work as a Web Site developer at the moment.

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