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It’s been a while

I know it’s been a while and I have been working on things but I just get so deep into the weeds of creating that I forget to update my site. I’m good at creating but lousy at promoting myself. I’ve been in the process of editing some old musical compositions and hope to start a regular project of posting these scores along with music on YouTube. My first in this newly revived series, that already contains the piano pieces “The Creepy Piano” and “Hop-Scotch,” is “Orgelwind (a short prelude and fugue) for Organ that I originally wrote over 20 years ago. Please enjoy the piece and let me know what you think by leaving me a comment or like here or on YouTube.

I’ve finished a few other works of music that I’ll be adding to my list of pieces soon and I’ve also released a book of piano pieces that I will start to advertise for soon. As for my artistic endeavors, I’ve completed a few new paintings and have done a lot of design commissions recently that I’ll probably share soon as well. In the meantime, enjoy this image of Bat-Hog I drew in 1989 (30 years ago) after the Burton BATMAN film came out, which I just found while digging through some stuff at my old house…

I will try to make these updates a little more regular but please bear with me.


Classical Nerd & FilmEar!

The Classical Nerd is a channel on YouTube. It is also the alter ego of composer Thomas Little and I had the pleasure of interviewing him for the FilmEar Podcast. You can check out the interview here at and check out Thomas’ Classical Nerd channel on YouTube here. Below, if you click on the image, is the promo for the interview that Thomas put up on his channel. Thanks again to Thomas Little!

I’m now on Twitch

This past weekend I’ve started my twitch channel by streaming as I compose the music for a piece for Trombones.  I’ll be streaming more in the future so stay tuned and follow my twitch channel by following this link, or clicking on the image below…

You can watch me compose live and even message me during the stream, or just check out some past streams, so I’ll see you there!