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Updates of my FilmEar Podcast about new episodes, upcoming recordings or new merchandise available.

FilmEar Podcast is Back!

Go to and listen to an all-new episode of the FilmEar Podcast.


I’ll be trying to get new episodes up every couple of weeks so stay tuned to the website and if you haven’t already, please subscribe to the podcast.


FilmEar Podcast… Now with 100% More Alcohol!

Episode 26: Drunk Justice – an Elfman Story

A New FilmEar Podcast is now up at and it’s a doozy… We have a Danny Elfman Justice League story from Chris and even talk of Blade Runner 2049.

Click here to listen to an episode or go to iTunes and search the words FILM and EAR (two words).  While there please rate and/or review the podcast.

A Very Special FilmEar

My Mom turned 70 years old on August the 4th, the day that episode 25 of my FilmEar Podcast when live.  On that very podcast is an interview I conducted with my mother about her musical adventure as well as the movies she loves.  It was a wonderful walk down memory lane – complete with musical interludes, so if you are inclined please check it out at and thanks Mom… for everything!


FilmEar #24

A new episode of my FilmEar podcast just went live.  It’s a show on my favorite scores and soundtracks from 2016 and includes sound clips and my commentary.  Please check it out by going to ,  iTunes (search the words film and ear) or here for Android devices.