La Belle et la Bete

The LAST UPDATE MADE: 2/21/2018

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Text From Jason 2/21/2018 (Red text is from Nat)

(btrb part) m. 66 b. 2 – is that articulation correct? You’re correct, there was supposed to be a staccato articulation on the second note. 
2nd measure of D (m. 86) would be incredibly difficult for me to pull off. I would have to drop the A & Ab down an octave. OK, I’ve changed those three notes from A, Ab, G down to E, Eb, D.
B. 4 if m. 105 going into m. 106 would also be a difficult run but it’s a little more feasible than the previously stated section. OK, there I just removed the ottava Alta symbol and now you can play it as written an octave lower.
I’m also not sure I could pull off m. 119. OK, I’m changing that measure to read G, E (natural), A, C on the eighth notes and a high E (natural) on the dotted quarter note.
That’s really all that I see other than an occasional spot to breathe but I can prob handle that. Give me a rundown on where you would need some spots to breathe, I knew when I finished it that it could be an issue (especially with the length of the piece). – New versions of the Score and Bass Trombone Part files are now available.


Nat 2/21/18