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Sketch Book: The Game

I’ve started to create my own video games starting with this exercise called… 

Doing everything from music, design, and artwork for the game, I completed this in just one week using the Construct 2 game engine.  It’s not perfect, I know, but hey, it was completed in one week. The only aspect not created in the past week was some of the sketchbook art taken from some of my old work. Below is the game, some of the design work, and screen captures along with selections from the score.  I hope to maybe add more levels using different video game conventions in order to help me grow in the new endeavor. I hope you enjoy the adventures of Sketchy!!!!..

Play  Sketch Book: The Game Play  Sketch Book: The Game












Play  Sketch Book: The Game


Titan Rises

A new Reference book for Bass Trombone music with Orchestra, Band and other Ensembles has been released that lists my Bass Trombone Concerto, Titan’s Gaze.

It was compiled by Clinton F. Nieweg (the retired principle librarian for The Philadelphia Orchestra) and can be purchased though Cherry Classics Music by clicking on the image below…